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Ben Lomond

FEB 6TH, 2018

I awoke to snow in the mountains after an evening of reading Planet Medicine by Richard Grossinger. A quote of his really resonated with me... 

"We are extremely complicated, but our bloods and hormones are fundamentally seawater and volcanic ash, congealed and refined. Our skin shares its chemistry with the maple leaf and moth wing. The currents our bodies regulate share a molecular flow with raw sun. Nerves and flashes of lightning are related events woven into nature at different levels."

This paragraph resonated so deeply it brought tears to my eyes.

This is the reason why I feel called to the peaks and seas. We are made of them, and in them, we find ourselves at peace, at home. 


After a few hours of grinding our way up the steep ridge where paragliders launch themselves, we were all smiles and laughter as the elevation brought us clearer views of the lake and town below. A few bad jokes and yawns with strangers, we found ourselves at the summit. There was a bit of snow left at the top in the shaded patches. 

A couple of girls snapped this photo of us soaking up the views.

Looking over the sea of the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island from the Ben Lomond Summit. A Dusting of snow in Summertime, over my new home, Queenstown. 


Mt. Aspiring national park in the background... Aspiring is definitely on the summit list before I leave this country!


Cashmeousside. Post-summit stoke-silliness. I thought I was framing the peak. Dork. 

After a nice long day of hiking with my new friend James, an equally enthusiastic individual, we caught the end of a Reggae festival with some ciders. It was like we just hopped off the mountain into a music festival, spending the rest of the afternoon walking around barefoot.  

God, I love this place. 

I spent the night over at Lake Hayes freedom camping grounds. Giving myself some solo-time to just let life sink in. I have been squeezing a lot of activities in to release stress and keep myself from getting anxious, adjusting to a new pace of life, new place and new people. Sometimes you just gotta get that time alone to re-ground. 

We have to remind ourselves to slow down... The body and mind need that. 

Before going to bed, I was flicking through Instagram (bad habit I'm trying to kick) and was caught on this post by Elon Musk: 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.51.46 PM.png

...On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. 

Wow, that's some imagery. 

We're literally just kept alive at this fine balancing point, cycling through space. Everyone is all in this together. It's so easy to get caught up in the worries/concerns of daily life. Looking at pictures like these and reading these words really brings me back to homeostasis. 

This is a global collective. 

On a similar note, I saw this quote today that resonated with me:

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.”
Brian Cox

This is what life is about, finding understanding.

Asking questions, challenging the norm. Rising above, seeking truth and peace, climbing to the peaks of the earth and the peaks of your mind to gain the utmost clarity. 


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